GiftWrap Wiki


GiftWrap should have Launchpad integration such that

  • a user can upload a package to their PPA
    • launchpad also builds for them in a clean enviroment and for both 32bit & 64bit
    • removes a need for having a local building enviroment


Requires a Python coder, see 'Archive' section of the following: for documentation.

From what's known at this point is that it'll be a different sub-program - GiftWrap itself won't be Python. Need to decide on the best communication way though. Likely

will use DBus.


  • Upload packages to users ppa. Launchpadlib does not allow this so it will be done using dput.
  • Create PPAs. This will require opening up a web browser on the appropriate launchpad page.
  • List all PPA's and packages the user has


This can be started on at anytime but someone experienced with Python.