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To automatically fill in the packagers name and email, we should take the following order of steps until a result is reached:

  • check if we saved it from the last time
  • check if $DEBEMAIL / $DEBFULLNAME are set
  • check gnome/kde username profile
  • if we got here, then leave it blank.


  • overwrite$DEBEMAIL / DEBFULLNAME on exit (rationale - this is a global setting and should be the same in all apps
    • No: say I want another email than for my ohter apps. If you want to change your global name / email their is a dedicated place in the Desktop environment. We could consider to ask the user wat to do, but I think this only breaks program flow... (nasam)
    • Sorry, meant the DEB* enviroment variables, not the DE ones
  • save the name/email into our own configuration