GiftWrap Wiki

Various personas that GiftWrap is targetted at. Note about age ranges - we can expect them to be quite wide for any of the following.This is open-source, after all.

Bob the developer[]

  • experienced programmer
  • "Spend your time in programming not in packaging"
    • Doesn't want to learn packaging either
    • Or simply too lazy
  • Will package: own software

Mary the user[]

  • finds a piece of software that doesn't have a .deb
  • relative computer experience - can figure things out, but not an expert
  • Will package: random software from the internet that's not packaged
    • first goal is personal use, sharing is included

Peter the theme designer[]

  • not much of a coder, but great design skills and tinkering ability (to understand those tricky .gtkrc files!)
  • Will package: theme packs, wallpaper packs (may be combined)

Sam the MOTU[]

  • rationale: ubuntu has a severe lack of packagers, making packaging process easier and friendlier will help (note: we care about package quality)
  • not a computer hacker, but has time and curiosity to work their way through things